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5 key steps to Follow when looking for residential aged care:

The decision to move into residential aged care is often a time of stress, high emotion and uncertainty. It is an imprtant decision for the person moving and their family. The team here at Sunnymeade Park Aged Care Community will help ease the confusion and assist you to make the transition when the time is right.

We aim to provide you with the right information and guide you through the process step by step. Below are five steps to get you started and provide a better understanding of the process.

Step 1. Work out the costs

Firstly, the person requiring care will need to receive an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment to see if they are eligible for Australian Government support for residential aged care. On average, the Australian Government contributes about $65,000 yearly for each permanent aged care home resident. This amount increases each year.If you are eligible, you are expected to contribute to the cost of your accommodation and care if you can afford to do so. My Aged Care can give you an estimate of your likely fees. To get an estimate you can call 1800 200 422 or use the aged care homes Fee Estimator on the website at:

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Step 2. Finding your Home

After receiving an ACAT assessment, the Department of Social Services' (DSS) Aged Care Home Finder can help you locate a suitable residential aged care facility near you.When deciding on an aged care home, it is important to find out if the home has the care and services you need, now and into the future. The best way to find a place that suits you is to visit.

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Step 3. Apply to an aged care home and accept an offer

As you find aged care homes that meet your needs, you can start applying for a place. You can apply to as many homes as you like. It is a good idea to apply to a number of homes as your preferred home may not have a place  available when you are looking. When a place becomes available, the aged care home will contact you or your nominated contact person.

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Step 4. Enter into agreements with your aged care home

After accepting a place and before moving in, your aged care home must offer you a resident agreement. You will also be offered an accommodation agreement with the home before you enter care. This agreement can be included as part of your resident agreement or it may be separate. The resident agreement and accommodation agreement are legally binding documents between you and your aged care home.

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Step 5. Manage your care and services

You can keep your own doctor, dentist or specialist. Your aged care home must help you make appointments and access doctors or specialists of your choice if needed. You do not have to pay the home for arranging these appointments. You will, however, generally need to pay the consultation fee. Your aged care home can also help you arrange transport to and from your medical appointments. You may have to pay for the transport and for a staff member to accompany you.

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