Family of past resident

"To the staff of Sunnymeade,  I can't begin to tell you all how much your wonderful work has made my Mum's past 1.5 years as good as it could possibly be.  Your care, love, passion for your work and professionalism are beyond compare!  Each and every one of you are wonderful people. My / our sincere thanks."  

Family of past resident.

"A wonderful and homely atmosphere"

"My father was a man always guarded with his responses so, at the end of the respite I asked him: “what the food was like there mate?” he responded “beautiful jolly beautiful”. I asked “do they look after you” and he said “they’re second to none, you couldn’t fault them”.

He regularly provided me with outpourings of how much he liked, I guess loved, you all and he didn’t really have to say anything, the affection was quite obvious in the body language and words that passed between you, his carer’s, and himself. It is obvious also that your care flows to all the residents.

As his family I, that is we, cannot say enough positive things about your care and support for my dad.

I must say that it was always a pleasure to visit Sunnymeade, it’s a wonderful homely atmosphere and the staff are always so welcoming. Thank you."

Gregg and Hilda, Resident’s Family.