What’s going on with the weather? 
We are still experiencing hot days, hopefully it will start to cool down soon.

We have had a lot of Birthday Morning Teas this month.  Our residents and staff always love to
celebrate our resident mile stones with a party.  We usually celebrate with games or a singalong,
plenty of party food and in return we receive lots of smiles.

Our diversional therapy team have introduce reminiscence to our program.  We are reminiscing
about all sorts of topics this month and it is looking like it is going to be a popular activity amongst
our residents.

Our Bowls competition is seeing a lot of action this month. 

These are our results for March.

The March Joyce / Keith / Seahaven tournament was a very competitive morning with all games
going to three.  In the semi-finals the games came down to the wire.  Madge and Elaine fought
it out with Elaine taking all the bowls out to sit by the Jack.  Then Marcia and Elaine played an
on the edge of our seats game with some too hard to call.  At the end of the morning Marcia
was the declared the winner and Elaine the runner up.  Congratulations to all players who took
part in the morning.

March Tournament Semi Finals .Ruth Nichols vs Phyllis Howie.  Ruth played exceptionally well
and took ownership of the first game, however Phyllis fought well and came back into play
taking the lead and winning the next 2 games which then gave her a seat in the finals.  Maude
McCullough vs Esther Loder.  Maude tried to hold on to the first game but Esther bowled a
beautiful curve shot and landed next to the Jack.  Esther then played 3 balls around the Jack
to take the second game and take her seat in the finals. 
Final  Phyllis vs Esther Loder.  Esther came in with flying colours and placed 3 balls round the
Kitty in the first game.  Yet again Esther was in fine form and went on to win the second game
which made her the March tournament winner.  Well Done Esther.

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Don’t forget we are holding a Fete!

Where:  Sunnymeade Park – 362-376 King Street, Caboolture
When:   Saturday, 26th May, from 10am to 2pm

If you need further information, please contact our team on 07 5495 4233 ext.100.

Until Next Month, take care.